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I had worked with a few graphic designers previously - but I quickly learned that you get what you pay for when it comes to graphic design. I stumbled onto Rosie’s Instagram account on accident one evening and I am SO glad that I did. Rosie had brought my brand to life in ways I never could have imagined. Throughout the entire creative process, she impressed me time-and-time again. I really felt like she got “The Vision”. 

My website looks so incredible and the best part is that it doesn’t just look great - it is performing great too. I am already landing jobs just a few days after launching. Working with Rosie has been such a surreal experience. I couldn’t be happier. At the end of it all, not only did I acquired a kick-ass brand and website, but I also acquired a life-long friend. Thank you Rosie. — Megan Mullins, Dog Blogger, | brand, graphics and website

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Having a professional website has made it so much easier and faster to write and publish blog posts, quickly and efficiently update training courses, and create an entry point for lead magnets. As I’ve moved further into business advertising I’ve noticed an increase in web page views and lead generation. Sales funnels are great, but having a ‘home base’ for leads & prospects to revisit content offerings, and existing customers and affiliates to access membership sites has made my life so much easier! — Adrienne Loyd, Specializes in Systems & Strategies, | website

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Working with Rosie this last year has been an absolutely wonderful experience. I finally reached out to her after I had struggled for months to create a website on my own and it was the best decision I ever made. We had a great connection from the beginning. She was with me every step of the way and explained every process thoroughly. Any time I had a question or a concern she responded in no less than 24 hours, which I so appreciated. I can honestly say Rosie brought my vision for my business to life and I know that my business will continue to grow because of her! — Jenna Stern, Wellness Coach, | brand, graphics and website

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When I first started thinking about doing a website I searched and searched , also looked into doing it myself . I had no clue what I was doing . That’s when I stumbled upon Rosie and inquired . I set up a zoom with Rosie and immediately knew she was my girl. She was so professional organized, and her energy was pure and authentic. I loved the process which I had no clue what went into this type of project but she nailed it. She really makes you dig deep to find out exactly what you are looking for. I can’t wait to hire her again and continue working with her. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. If you are interested and thinking about it, don’t think another minute hire her and allow her to blow your mind. I am so beyond grateful for what she did for me, everything I wanted she went above and beyond my vision!!! Thank you so much xo!!! — Kerri Birkley, Diamond Young Living Leader and Mentor, | brand, graphics and website

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When I first saw Rosie’s work, I knew right away that I needed her brilliance in my business. When I got a glimpse of how versatile she is in being able to create a brand that so perfectly captures the business, I was amazed. Now that she has redesigned my logo, my website, created templates for my business and trained me how to use her creations for future business applications, I’m blown away.

She has a detailed process that allows her to really understand what a business’ brand FEELS like to them. And when I saw the gorgeous website she created for me with all of the perfect icons, fonts and styles that really felt like ME, I was moved to tears. Thank you so much, Rosie, for creating my brand a million times better than I ever could. — Sharon NDiaye, Cooking instructor for kids. | brand, graphics and website

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Coming from a previous career in marketing - I have high expectations for creative work and Rosie killed it. She was able to decipher exactly what I wanted and created a beautiful package of work. Not only is she super-talented, but so easy to work with! She checks in and keeps you updated on her progress (so important!). She is quick and thorough. And best of all - she goes above and beyond the scope of work with additional things to think about (from marketing tips to layout thoughts). Rosie is awesome and I’m so excited to have her work on my brand! — Jessica Baumgardner, Wellness + motherhood mentor, | brand and graphics

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Rosie is great! Super responsive to your questions, wants to make sure you are happy and will keep working with you until you are! Some benefits of working together, a new website and brand!!! And the Brand Guide was very helpful! — Sarah Kornblet, Legal advisor, | brand, graphics and website

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I never would have been able to launch my company without Rosie. Her branding and design expertise were absolutely invaluable to the development of my online strategy and image. — Charles Lipper, Owner of a turnkey podcasting studio in D.C., | brand, graphics and website

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I cannot express how pleased I am with the service I received from Rosie. She is a pleasure to work with, very thorough, replied to email correspondence promptly and made suggestions that would help develop my brand. Starting a new business can be overwhelming; it means the world to me that I now have a logo that is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend Rosie for your design needs! — Sabrina Williams, Home goods product designer. Tulip Decor | logo and brand design

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Zaimah and I can't thank you enough! We love the logo, the icon, and really appreciate the tips on branding and other tricks. We will be sure to put all of these to good use.

Thank you for making this process so easy and fun. The Asana app was helpful in streamlining the process (and much appreciated by task-lovers like us teachers :)). Every day we received a new mood board, I was so pumped to see the new ideas. You are such a talented and personable professional. 

Thank you for being exactly what addie needed to get started! Zaimah and Lauren, | logo design

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Working with Rosie has been amazing: she's creative and responsive. She is thorough in establishing your brand (goals, mood, colors). When I hired her, her portfolio was more "girlie" and so I was concerned about the results. But our re-designed web site is amazing, and many people (including our PR person) commented on how professional it looks. — Michael Blank, Multifamily real estate Mentor and Investor, | brand, graphics and website




Can I just say HOW much I love you and your work! I am in love with my brand! Thank you so much for hanging in with me. The best is yet to come! — Elizabeth St. Germain

The blog is doing amazing! We have had 1200 page views in the past 72 hours and we already landed a job from our work with us page!

I really am blown away by your work. You did so incredibly. I have earned $2000 this month - all thanks to you. 

The blog really is everything I have been dreaming of over the past year. Thank you for bringing it to life. I couldn't be happier. — Megan Kozen

You are a FREAKING GENIUS I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! (designed pdf opt-in) — Jessica Baumgardner

OMG. These cards are the best ever!! They are beautiful. Gorgeous. I can't wait to start handing them out! (in regards to business cards). Thank you so much for setting this all up and making this process so smooth and enjoyable! — Aurora Hutchinson

The website is gorgeous. We can't stop looking at it.

I love it! Very awesome!!! Thank you so much for your amazing notes on all of the details. 

The Press links are fabulous! And the press logos are the BEST! Such a celebration of all the hard work we've put in over the past year and a half.

I absolutely LOVE the way you did the exhibitions page. It looks so much cleaner and so slick. Love it!

The call to action buttons are phenomenal. — Jessica Kallista

Awww. You made my day! This is absolutely PERFECT!!! You are the BEST!

I absolutely love it!!!!!! Exactly what I was hoping for. You have been a godsend. - (brand design) — Sabrina Williams

Thank you so much! I was having such a cruddy shift at work and this made my day! (after her first logo review) — Jackie Acquista

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it BUT loved working with you even more ... You are a pro and so fun! Thank you for being awesome! Adore you lady and so glad our paths crossed! — Jenny Taylor


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